Our GST team provides various services to improve day-to-day reporting, reducing costs, ensuring regular compliances and ensuring indirect taxes are handled correctly. Our range of services includes:
Our firm has built expertise to handle complete indirect tax compliance life cycle. Starting from extracting the data from the accounting software to sense checking the data from GST stand point, to validating the required fields, to advising on reasoning for mismatch, to filing the returns and ultimately supporting the update in the accounting system.This team also handles the regular refund applications for GST in case of export oriented companies and followsups for the claims. The enterprise GST compliance team also does day to day consulting with regards to corporate GST.
The GST law is evolving. There are many changes happening. A lot of notifications, circulars and press releases are happening all the time. There are lots of typical situations which are getting fine tuned by the law makers. Corporates need a lot of opinion and day to day to day consulting support with regard to GST. 
GST is just starting off. There are a lot of grey areas in the law and procedures. The Law shall evolve years to come. In the process of evolution, there shall be a lot of issues wherein there will be need to face the authorities, showcause notices, GST assessments, disputes, litigation matters, etc. There can be basic matters like application and followup for “letter of undertaking (LUT)” for exports without payment of tax. Even the matters like claims of refunds may call for advice and followup with the department on the matter. 
Vinod M Gupta & Co has a team that just works on the department facing matters of the clients. The members of this team are trained regularly with the changes in the GST law and possible answers to the litigations around the same. The team has good amount of understanding on the way department pursues a tax situation and how shall that be best lawfully tackled.
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